Region Elite



After a very well attended 2013 Fall Skills Clinic, the Region Elite Lacrosse Club was founded to meet the growing demand for high level lacrosse instruction in Northwest Indiana.
Region Elite first competed as a team in the Summer 2014 season and enjoyed great success, especially for a first year program, playing against more established teams, with more experienced players.
For the past few summer seasons, NWI players were mixed in with Indy Elite teams to give players the experience of competing at an even higher level. 
This summer (2018), we would like to re-establish our Region Elite teams for Youth and High School lacrosse players in the area.
We are attempting to gauge interest in Region Elite Lacrosse travel teams for the Summer 2018 season.  Players interested in playing are encouraged to attend the Clinic/Skills Evaluation.  If you cannot attend, but are interested in playing, please contact us for other evaluation options.  We will form teams based on interest at each of the age levels listed above.  We can also explore the option of again adding NWI players to Indy Elite rosters at levels we cannot form Region Elite teams. 


Perhaps the better question is “Why not?”
Why travel hours to play competitive summer/fall lacrosse when the Region Elite Lacrosse Club is right in your backyard. 
Why attend overpopulated practices with hundreds of players where you feel like just another number, when Region Elite offers small group fundamental skill instruction and individual lacrosse education.
Why settle for a coaching staff with limited lacrosse experience, when highly skilled & qualified coaches will travel TO YOU, to work WITH YOU! 


With instruction as our foundation, the Region Elite Lacrosse Club is a team program designed for players looking to develop their skills beyond the spring season. Our focus is on player development, fundamental instruction and lacrosse education. 
As an organization, we target student athletes who are not only committed to improving their skills, but who also show a selfless dedication to teamwork, a willingness to be coached, and an appreciation for good sportsmanship and strong character.       
Region Elite players will participate in competitive tournaments and attend high level practices, all while being instructed by the most experienced and knowledgeable coaches around.  Coaches will follow the Indy Elite Lacrosse curriculum, which is proven to maximize player development.
As former collegiate players ourselves, we understand the dedication it takes to play at an elite level. We look forward to sharing our knowledge, experience, and passion for lacrosse with youth and high school players enthusiastic about reaching their full potential. 
Indy Elite was founded in 2006.  In that short period of time we have become synonymous with excellence in player development, fundamental instruction and lacrosse education in Central Indiana.  We are excited to provide the same opportunity to players and families in Northwest Indiana.  That is the mission of the Region Elite Lacrosse Club.