FAQ – Practices


How many practices are there?

During the club season (summer and fall), each of our teams will practice 1-2 per week.  The exact number of practices will be 8-12 depending on the specific program and schedule


Do I have to attend all practices?

Yes, players must commit to attending every practice and they are considered mandatory. Our attendance policy is in place so players are aware of the commitment that is expected of them.  In order to be successful we must have a cohesive team.  Players who do not come to practices fall behind with the various systems we implement and make it difficult for coaches to have everyone on the same page.   We understand that unavoidable conflicts arise.  These instances must be communicated directly to the Program Director and Team Head Coach.


How is the practice location determined?

When securing practice fields, we look at several different options.  We take into account the geographic make-up of our teams when considering locations.  We also look at the quality of the facilities and accommodations they offer (access to water, bathrooms, locker rooms, parking, etc.).  We always attempt to accommodate a majority of our players and try and make it convenient for the majority when determining a location.  This is not always possible, but we try and do our best.