Attendance Policy


Indy Elite Lacrosse players are EXPECTED to regularly attend practice & tournament games.   We DEMAND that our players make participation in our program a priority.  ALL PLAYERS should plan on attending EVERY PRACTICE.  Practice attendance contributes to the development of individual skills and overall team concepts.  These skills and concepts will then be implemented during games.

While we understand important issues may prevent 100% attendance, players (and parents) must understand that attendance, at both games and practices, strengthens our team.  The only way to guarantee our best performance is to learn how to play as a team and learn our systems.  This will allow us to be competitive at tournaments, which will ensure maximum individual exposure to college coaches.

Our coaches & players come from across the state to work with our teams.   We must value each other’s time and make it worth the investment for each player.  We only have 10 practices, so full attendance by all players will lead to the best results.

Players must understand that their coaches will consider consistent attendance, good character, and a positive attitude when determining playing time on the field.


POLICY:  Players are EXPECTED to attend ALL lacrosse games and practices.   Practices are as important as games. Players should be fully dressed, on the field and ready to play on time.

CONSEQUENCES:  Players who miss practices or games without good reason (school, religion, family, and health) may receive reduced playing time at the next tournament at the discretion of the team Head Coach & Program Director.

If you must miss a practice or tournament game, please email your Head Coach and the Program Director ASAP.  Please state the reason for your absence.  Any absence that occurs without prior notice, or for good reason, will be deemed “unexcused.”  Absences will be handled on a case-by-case basis.  Multiple unexcused absences may result in reduced playing time or removal from the program, without refund.


Why do we have a strong and well-defined attendance policy?



Respect for your coach and your teammates, and their time.  We have players and coaches that come from all over Indiana to attend practices.  Please respect the time it takes for everyone to come together.  Coaches also spend considerable time planning practices to teach skill and prepare for tournaments.  In order to execute an effective practice plan, consistent attendance from all players is required.


Everyone is coming in from a different lacrosse background.  We need time together as a team, with our coaching staff, to teach our philosophies & systems.  Lacrosse is a team sport with complex strategies that often vary from coach to coach and program to program.  While no method is “right” or “wrong” (lacrosse is a creative game that allows for different interpretations), it is important that each team member understands and executes OUR systems.  Having everyone on the same page is imperative to the overall success of the team.


This commitment requires that everyone:

  • Is on time, dressed and ready to go at the field at the start of practice session and tournament game.
  • Is mentally and physically prepared for each practices session and tournament game.
  • Will listen to the coach in order to learn and develop both individually and as a team.
  • Gives 100% each practice session and tournament game in order to push their teammates and make their team stronger.


These are life-skills  that we would like to help instill in our players!!!