How are the tournaments chosen?

We carefully select each tournament so that every player and team will be challenged to perform at the highest levels, best suited for their development as individuals and teams.

At the Youth level, Tournaments are also chosen based on their geography, competitiveness, and logistical organization. We want the events to be convenient and fun for the whole family and believe these factors play a role in the overall experience.

At the High School level, a premium is placed on Tournaments that provide exposure to college coaches or prepare the players for these major events. For Underclassmen, we believe that players need to continue improving their skills. For these teams, we combine exposure events with other opportunities for skill development. For all Upperclassmen, we understand their desire is to play at the next level. With that in mind, we choose our events to maximize exposure that fit our teams’ respective profiles.


What is a recruiting tournament?

Indy Elite Lacrosse enters High School teams in some of the top recruiting events in the country so that each player is exposed to NCAA coaches and programs during the recruiting process. These tournaments serve as a means of gaining important exposure in order to maximize playing opportunities at the college level.

“Recruiting Tournaments” put a premium on exposure to college coaches.  The tournament directors invite SEVERAL college coaches from around the country to attend the event and scout the players competing.  Because of the high level of college coaches in attendance, these events are very competitive, with some of the best club teams from around the country playing.


Does everyone play the same amount in all tournament games?

Indy Elite Lacrosse firmly believes that player development at the youth level is paramount and coaches are instructed to provide playing opportunities for all players. While it is impossible to achieve complete equality, our system requires that the coaches give each player ample time while also trying to win the game. The High School teams are coached in a slightly different manner in that each player will participate in every tournament and game. High School teams benefit by winning and advancing in the tournaments they play in that attended by more college coaches. We want to win and will instruct our coaches to act in this manner, but not at the expense of the skill development of each player. Playing time may vary slightly from player to player as individual positions are more situational and competitive at this level. A player may fit more as a situational player, such as a wing play or defensive midfield. These positions may not garner as much playing time as another; however, they are just as vital in winning the game.


How do players get to the tournaments?

All travel to and from tournaments is the responsibility of the players and families.  The Program Director will help arrange carpools for the “local” tournaments.  We will coordinate “team flights” when necessary, but only to identify the flight with the coaching staff. Ultimately it is up to the parents’ to purchase a ticket on this same flight. Transportation after the team flight from the airport to the tournament site is often coordinated as well. All of these costs are excluded from the player tuition and are the responsibility of the individual to pay.


When we attend the tournaments, where do we stay?

Indy Elite Lacrosse will reserve a block of hotel rooms (at a discounted group rate) for each travel event that requires an overnight stay, which is the financial responsibility of the families and not included in club tuition.  Information regarding our team hotel blocks will be posted on each team’s individual page on our website, along with booking instructions.  Parents will be responsible for securing their own room reservations.

At tournaments where overnight player accommodations are provided for the players in dorms, parents will be provided with local hotel options, and again will be responsible for securing their own rooms.