FAQ – Coaching Staff

How are the coaches selected?

All coaches are personally interviewed and screened by the Program Director. Each coach’s references and qualifications are checked.  All of our Head Coaches have playing and coaching experience.  We ALWAYS attempt to hire the most qualified and experienced coaching staff to work with our players.

Many of our coaches played at the highest levels of the NCAA. Several currently coach at the NCAA level.  Team Coaches main focus is on their individual teams and players. They run the tryouts, practices, tournaments, and complete personal evaluations.


How many coaches are assigned to each team?

Indy Elite Lacrosse assigns each team a Head Coach and an Assistant Coach.  These coaches do not change throughout the course of the season. We believe this commitment and continuity fosters an environment where players and coaches make real connections. During team practices and training sessions, coaches from various teams work together with particular teams and groups (i.e. position specific). This collaboration is the strength of our program, especially since all have been trained in the Indy Elite Lacrosse Curriculum and communicate a consistent message using the same terminology.


Is the curriculum different for each coach?

The Indy Elite Lacrosse curriculum guides all of our player development strategies ensuring a high level of quality of instruction across all teams. This curriculum strives to maximize player and team development for each particular age group through dynamic drills and appropriate team systems focusing on fundamentals.

All coaches are trained in this curriculum and provided with a packet that contains practice drills, warm-up routines, and in-game strategies.  Coaches will also use common terminology and convey a consistent message to their players.  This will ensure the development of fundamental skills and game understanding of each player. This also enables the coach to be well prepared to coach the players at the highest level and ultimately create a great learning environment for our players, which will ultimately lead to a great team.