The tradition started at Butler University in 2006 with an exciting and challenging  opportunity for talented high school lacrosse players from Indiana.  THIS IS A CHANCE FOR LOCAL PLAYERS TO SHOWCASE THEIR ABILITY IN FRONT OF DI, DII, DIII, JUCO, NAIA AND CLUB COLLEGE COACHES.  Not many college coaches recruit in Indiana.  Therefore, players must bring themselves to the attention of college coaches to be noticed, and ultimately get recruited.  Members of Indy Elite will participate in 10-12 college level practices and compete in a series of highly competitive and heavily recruited tournaments.

The cost of playing for Indy Elite should be seen as an investment in the player’s lacrosse career, as it will lead to opportunities at the next level.  Our fees are similar to traveling to/attending a lacrosse camp, but we provide much more opportunity for individual and small group instruction for some of the best coaches in the area.  We also provide much more exposure for potential college lacrosse players.

Indy Elite was designed for players that are serious about playing collegiate lacrosse (regardless of age or current skill level).  That has continued to be our main focus.  Our players have the unique opportunity to be seen by many college coaches.  Our summer schedule was designed specifically for that purpose, while trying to keep the associated cost reasonable.

Our coaches are available anytime to answer questions, offer advice, contact college coaches, send recommendations, and do anything else to aid our players in every step of the college recruiting process. We know what college coaches are looking for in their players and we will strive to help our players reach their full potential.  We also have several contacts within the college lacrosse community.

We are different from other clubs because we are not just a summer travel team, we are a LACROSSE PROGRAM!  Players will learn how to play together as a team because they will be together several times per week, practicing/playing, learning OUR SYSTEMS, for a eight week period.  Other clubs simply do not offer the PROGRAM experience of Indy Elite.